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Valve Emissions & Product Loss

Protego Pressure Vacuum relief valve with emission control technology (10% technology)
Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves (PVRV) are commonly used in many industries to protect tank facilities from vacuum & overpressure catastrophe. However, PVRV prone to product losses & emissions to environment. PROTEGO® pressure and vacuum relief valves (PVRV) with full-lift pallet discharge the flow within 10% overpressure from the set pressure to a fully opened valve (full-lift) .This will leads to minimization of product losses as compared to 50% technology & above.
Advantages of the PROTEGO® 10% technology:

  • Low leakage rate
  • Valve set pressure just below the maximum permissible (tank) pressure
  • Minimization of product losses
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Local Gati technical support – consultation, selection & sizing calculation
  • Protego Authorize Repair Centre ( PARC) available in Malay

Protego PVRV
Protego PVRV
  • Flame transmission proof outbreathing on tanks, containers and process engineering apparatus.
  • Offers reliable protection against excess pressure and vacuum, prevents the inbreathing of air and product losses almost up to the set pressure and also protects against atmospheric deflagration as well as endurance burning if stabilized burning occurs.
  • The PROTEGO® flame arrester unit is designed to achieve minimum pressure drop with maximum safety.
  • Easy maintainability of the flame arrestor design
Protego PVRV
Protego PVRV





Learn more on our Products

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