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Penn-Troy – USA

Penn-Troy Manufacturing, Inc. started in 1959, born out of Troy Engine and Machine Company, an engine manufacturer with roots dating back to the 1870s. We still occupy that building today, but our products have changed. First acquiring the BICERA crankcase explosion relief valve design, and later, the Troy Valve product line, we now produce a variety of products for the water/wastewater and marine industries.


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Cast iron mud valves are used as drain valves in waterworks and wastewater treatment basins, irrigation, and fluid retaining basins. They are also used in many industrial applications including spill or overflow containment basins.


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Installed in the side walls of water treatment tanks, wall type pressure relief valves relieve groundwater pressure on the exterior sides of a tank.


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Flap Valves also known as Flap Gates are put on the end of a flanged pipe to allow the flow of water out of the pipe, but prevent anything from flowing back in, such as sticks, leaves or other debris. Under direct pressure the valve will open, and it will close when the pressure from outfall fluid is relieved.

Learn more on our Products

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