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Fike Dust Explosion Protection

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Fike Explosion Protection System

Is Your Dust Combustible?

Fike Dust Explosion Protection

Active Solution

  • Quickly introduces a suppressant agent into the vessel – within  milliseconds; to mitigate the combustion hazard before reaches dangerous levels
  • Used when the process materials cannot be safely released to the atmosphere, when the installation of vents is impractical or when venting exposes personnel to dangerous pressure and flame discharge.
  • Designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages, before an explosion can cause damage to the equipment or escalate into a catastrophic event.
Fike Suppression System offer distinct advantages:
  • Suppresses Class ST III dust explosion hazards
  • Patented dispersion nozzles provide full coverage and increase agent discharge.

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Passive Solution

Explosion Venting

Explosion vents effectively mitigate combustible dust explosions by providing a planned pathway for expanding flames and pressure to escape. Learn why Fike is a leading worldwide manufacturer of life- and equipment-saving ATEX-certified and explosion venting solutions.

  • Relieves pressure during an explosion to prevent catastrophic damage to the process equipment
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Proven to perform as designed and all models’ performance is validated using large scale explosion tests
  • Full opening, non-fragmenting vent design, eliminating restraints
  • Low product cost, simple installation, and long service life
  • For indoor application, Flamequench is recommended

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Fike Dust Explosion Protection


When an explosion occurs in a vessel there is a high probability that it will propagate through pipework and other process connections, with resultant hazards for downstream process plant and personnel.

Fike Dust Explosion Protection


  • Mechanical valves used as physical barrier
  • Preventing propagation of an explosion

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